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Frequently asked questions

The FAQ will guide you through the most common questions and their answers. Have some other question? Leave us a message.

What is ShoppingResult's update interval?

We have four price update cycles in one day.

Can I upgrade to a larger ShoppingResult plan?

Yes, you can check our pricing options here. If you want to upgrade or downgrade, you can change your plan in the dashboard.

Is it legal to collect price information from websites?

Yes it is. We fetch prices that are open to the public and take the website policy into account.

I only want to have the pricing data, is that possible?

Yes it is. You can use ShoppingScraper, where we deliver high quality product data which includes pricing.

How do you automatch products?

We use our algorithm to search for your products based on 12-13 digit UPC/EAN/GTIN codes and use multiple sources.

Which sources do you use?

We use our in-house developed scraper and use multiple sources like Google Shopping and direct retailer websites.

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