ShoppingResult becomes part of Constrive

September 5, 2021
ShoppingResult becomes part of Constrive

ShoppingResult BV, a SAAS pricing monitoring and automation tool based on Google Shopping joins Constrive by selling a minority stake.

ShoppingResult was founded in 2020 and has rapidly developed its pricing automation software currently used by ecommerce stores, brands, and distributors like and Navstar. ShoppingResult offers no hassle, no frills price monitoring and dynamic pricing to enable clients to stay competitive and increase turnover and margin.

ShoppingResult also offers the ShoppingScraper API service. This service enables companies to instantly collect product data from almost every online store, such as price, stock, title, description, and image based on an EAN code. It offers a scalable, easy to integrate and fully customizable product data solution.

Tachmy Dilmy, CEO of ShoppingResult BV, is excited about becoming a part of Constrive:

“We were looking for a strategic partner that could help us grow faster and reach a larger customer base. I know from my own experience that managing an e-commerce website from marketing to fulfillment can be very time consuming. Webshop managers need easy-to-use pricing automation software like ShoppingResult to make their work more efficient. ShoppingResult monitors all price changes in the market using up-to-date data from Google Shopping and offering knowledge-based price advice.”
About Constrive

Constrive is a group of 9 companies and entrepreneurs who all practice their own specialism within the retail value chain. Constrive provides customers with specialized logistics, distribution (B2B, B2C, D2C) and technology tools and services to allow them to build relationships with consumers in the most efficient way.

Edgar Hofstee, CEO and Partner of Constrive is happy and proud that ShoppingResult has become part of Constrive.

“We have a clear vision and strategy where we want to remove as many barriers between brands and consumers as possible to grow customer relationships in the most efficient way. We want to expand the service portfolio within our Tech Division with relevant tools and software for brands or resellers who are active on different sales channels, across markets and looking for efficiencies. ShoppingResult fits in perfectly with our strategy. We look forward to the cooperation!”

ShoppingResult: Make the right pricing decision every single day.
ShoppingScraper: Forget about scraping. Get structured data the easy way.

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