ShoppingScraper fetches structured product data

September 5, 2021
ShoppingScraper fetches structured product data

When you only need the product data

We have been thinking about using 3rd party API's to get our access to those valuable SERP pages from Google Shopping or the product pages of retailers websites. But everytime the speed or quality was not on par. In our journey in building ShoppingResult we've came to the conclusion we had to built our own API. So we started out with an internal code name: 'ShoppingScraper'. Along the way it was quite easy for us to make the product accessible for everyone.

So what is ShoppingScraper exactly?

It's basically a headless browser with an automated parser that requires no programming skills, as we would say: every growth hacker on the planet should be able to use it without any programming skills. It handles the scraping and parsing of ecommerce websites to get the structured data you need. You don't have to worry about rotating proxies and dodging CAPTCHAs. We'll handle the CAPTCHA's, Javascript rendering and rotating proxies for you. Just give us the EAN code and the webshop/marketplace and we will handle the rest.

What structured product data is offered?

Depending on the website of the retailer we offer information about the product based on the EAN code: title, price, availability, item condition (new or used), brand name, SKU or MPN-code, description and a lot more. Besides product information we also offer internal search engine information and listings on category pages.

Which webshops are supported?

Currently we support Google Shopping and a large number of Dutch webshops including, de Bijenkorf, Coolblue, Wehkamp, and more. A full list can be found on the ShoppingScraper website.

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